Who Was the Most Recent Triple Crown™ Winner in 2015?

Posted by Jazzy Morgan on Feb 6, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Happy Triple Crown™ Tuesday!

Winning the Triple Crown™ is a prestigious honor. Comprised of three races; Preakness Stakes, the Kentucky Derby® and Belmont Stakes, becoming a Triple Crown™ winner is the greatest honor that any horse racing team strives to achieve throughout their racing career. Only 12 horses in history have won the Triple Crown™, proving just how hard it is to complete the trifecta.

Belmont Experiences is breaking down each of the 12 Triple Crown™ winners for you in a 12-part series occurring every Tuesday. This week’s Triple Crown™ winner is the last but most definitely not least, American Pharoah!

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American Pharoah was born on Groundhog Day just over 6 years ago. It is suspected that this is the reason he is so great at executing the same moment over and over again, just like Punxsutawney Phil. However, in American Pharoah's case, his moment is crossing the finish line of a major horserace several lengths ahead of his competition. It's likely that even though many fans have cheered for American Pharoah over the years, he has not been able to hear them because he wears earplugs while he races to block out the noises that get him worked up.

American Pharoah is the fifth generation descendent of a former Triple Crown winner, Secretariat, giving him big horseshoes to fill! 

During the 141st Kentucky Derby® a record 170,513 fans gathered at Churchill Downs®. Jockey Victor Espinoza rode American Pharoah and the pair took the lead in the final stretch. Preakness Stakes was held two weeks after the Derby, where American Pharoah won the race by seven lengths putting him in the perfect position to become the new Triple Crown winner.

The 2015 Belmont Stakes was over before if even began. Before the race was even half way done, American Pharoah's team knew they had won. However, the horse spent most of race wire-to-wire with his opponent Frosted. American Pharoah pushed through to win by five and a half lengths.

American Pharoah and his team ended the 37 year draught and hold's the title of the most recent Triple Crown winner.

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